Customer Service is our Top Priority

At Beautiful Smiles, we pride ourselves on being the best we can be when working with customers. We understand you have many choices when selecting a dentist and we appreciate your trust in us to manage your dental health. Our doctors and staff receive consistent training on ways to make our customers smile. We developed … Continued

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Uber - Beautiful Smiles Dental Centers

Use Uber for your Next Dental Appointment

We live in a tech friendly world and the team at Beautiful Smiles works hard to make sure we’re on the cutting edge. Uber is a company that allows you to order rides directly from your smartphone. Beautiful Smiles Dental Centers has partnered with Uber to offer FREE RIDES to first time users. That means … Continued

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Beautiful Smiles Now Offering Orthodontics

The doctors and staff at Beautiful Smiles Dental Centers are more than happy to announce the addition of Orthodontics to our menu of services! With Orthodontics, you and your family can attain the beautiful, straight smile you’ve always wanted. With Orthodontics we offer the following options; Traditional Braces – the tried and true method of … Continued

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Waiting Room

Take a Tour

Beautiful Smiles Dental Centers has 5 Convenient Southwest Atlanta locations to serve you and your family. Click the link below to take a tour of our locations. If you’d like, feel free to call us at (404) 23-SMILE to schedule an in person tour. One of our friendly staff members would be happy to show … Continued

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Dental Sealants

The most likely location for a cavity to develop in your child’s mouth is on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. Run your tongue over this area in your mouth, and you will feel the reason why: These surfaces are not smooth, as other areas of your teeth are. Instead, they are filled with … Continued

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What a difference straight teeth can make! A great-looking smile can boost your self-confidence and have a positive impact on social and professional opportunities. Orthodontic treatment is the original smile makeover tool — and you will be happy to know that you’re never too old to take advantage of it. But it isn’t all about … Continued

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Removable Dentures

Full or partial tooth loss, if left untreated, doesn’t just affect a person’s self-image — it can also increase the risk of developing nutritional problems and other systemic health disorders. Fortunately, there’s a reliable and time-tested method for treating this condition: full or partial dentures. Dentures are just one option for replacing missing teeth; some … Continued

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Crowns & Bridgework

Dentistry is an art as well as a science; dental crowns offer a perfect example of this. A dental crown or “cap” is a covering that fits over a damaged, decayed or unattractive tooth. It can even replace a tooth entirely as part of dental bridgework.

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Dental Implants

There are many reasons to replace missing teeth — even teeth that are not highly visible in your smile. Gaps can make a person self-conscious. There are also considerations that go beyond the aesthetic. For example, missing teeth can cause chewing or bite problems, which might eventually affect your diet and your health. Also, the … Continued

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Porcelain Veneers

What makes a smile beautiful? That’s a complex question, but some qualities of a lovely smile are immediately identifiable: good tooth color, shape and orientation to one another, for example. If your teeth fall short in any of these categories, porcelain veneers might be just what you’re looking for. You may already know that a … Continued

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Teeth Whitening

It’s hard to imagine anything more appealing than a sparkling, white smile. Yet our teeth rarely stay as white as we’d like them to without a little help. Fortunately, that help is available right here at the dental office.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Many people are dissatisfied with their smiles — as many as 80%, according to one recent poll. Fortunately, modern cosmetic dentistry offers many solutions — from effective and economical whitening, to incredibly natural-looking porcelain veneers, to state-of-the-art dental implants. A smile makeover is an exciting endeavor, for both doctor and patient. We’re ready to help … Continued

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