Creating beautiful smiles daily


Our staff is glad to serve you and your family on the day of your appointment. To ensure a smooth and pleasant experience, we’d like to inform you of our policies and ensure that you are aware of what to expect before each appointment.


All patients should arrive to appointments on time. If there is arrival after the appointment grace period, the appointment will need to be rescheduled for another day and time. In addition, some appointments may be scheduled at “prime” times. During these appointment times, there is no grace period. This means that the patient must arrive to our office either before or by the scheduled appointment time. Arrival to the office means that the patient is physically in the office. If arrival is after 10 minutes from the scheduled appointment time, arrival is considered late and the appointment as a “no show”. Excessive “no show” appointments may affect your ability to schedule future appointments.


It is the patient’s responsibility to arrive “on time” for all weekday appointments. If I do not arrive “on time” or do not cancel the appointment within 48 hours of the schedule time, I may incur a cancellation fee of $35 per scheduled hour for each occurrence. Repeated cancellations fees may also result in service termination.

Saturday appointments are solely granted at the doctor’s discretion. Patients must confirm appointment(s) in order to avoid appointment cancellation and a broken/cancellation fee of $45 . If the patient fails to abide by the policy he/she will not be allowed to have another Saturday appointment.


All patients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their legal parent/guardian. Parents are required to stay in the building throughout the duration of the child’s visit. If the parent/guardian is not able to attend the child’s appointment, the parent/guardian must come into the office and complete a “proxy form”, sign it and submit a copy of their photo ID. The aadded responsible party must also submit a copy of their photo ID at the time of check-in for the scheduled visit. if this information is not provided in a timely manner at check-in, the appointment will need to be rescheduled.


Patients may request for certain forms to be completed by Beautiful Smiles physicians. A nominal fee of $5 is required for all forms to be completed. All payments must be made first, before the form can be processed. If a form initially issued is misplaced, a replacement fee of $5 is required. Forms may include the Georgia Department of Health 3300 Health Form, the Head Start Dental Form and more. Some forms may or may not be completed at the discretion of the our office. All completed forms can be picked up in office, during your visit or faxed to a third party with permission from the legal parent/guardian.