Everyone has seen the television makeover show with people renovating their smile.  Gone are the days where cosmetic dentistry was a private procedure for celebrities and Hollywood elite.  Modern technology has now made cosmetic dentistry available and affordable for everyone.

Tooth Whitening / Bleaching

Beautiful Smiles provides a varied lineup of the most popular smile enhancement procedures. We use porcelain veneers to instantly transform chipped, damaged, or discolored smiles into works of art. If you’d like to get 8 to 10 shades in just one hour, take advantage of our Zoom! whitening treatments.


Cosmetic Bonding

Many consumers are looking to completely makeover their smile.  A smile makeover is the prime procedure in cosmetic dentistry, combining a custom selection of natural-looking restorations and enhancement procedures to create an entirely new look (and new you).  Call our office today to schedule your complimentary cosmetic consultation.


Porcelain Veneers

Are your teeth crooked or discolored?  Teeth with gaps or teeth with stains from fillings? Change the shape, color and length of your teeth today using veneers. Veneers are thin, durable shells designed to cover the front of the tooth. They are made of porcelain and are extremely durable, stain resistant, natural-looking and easy to maintain. Veneers are custom-fitted to your teeth by removing a small amount of enamel and bonding the veneer to your teeth using a safe, high tech polymer resin. You can expect veneers to stay bright and strong for many years by performing good oral hygiene.


Teeth are typically restored by use of fillings. However, when too much of a tooth’s structure is removed to support a filling, a crown or “cap” may be needed. A crown may be needed to:

  • Attach bridges
  • Restore a tooth when it is unable to support a large filling
  • Cover badly shaped or discolored teeth
  • Protect a weak tooth from fracturing or restore fractured teeth
  • Cover dental implants

Crowns may be made entirely of gold, porcelain fused to a gold , or other methods to substrate for strength and aesthetic appeal. However, using new technology, crowns can be made entirely from high-strength ceramic and porcelain for beautiful cosmetic results.



Healthy teeth support and maintain the alignment of your jaw. When you lose one or more teeth, your remaining teeth may move, and the ability to bite and talk may be affected. A bridge replaces missing teeth with artificial teeth, rectifying the gap where those teeth had been. A bridge is bonded to surrounding teeth for support. Regardless of the type of bridge recommended, its success depends on keeping the surrounding teeth healthy and strong.

We offer General & Family Dentistry services, Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Implants, Invisalign and Orthodontics, Porcelain Veneers and Porcelain Crowns, Teeth Whitening, and a wide variety of other dentistry services. Please call us now at (404) 994-8765 or Schedule An Appointment.